Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bring Rain Poncho & Walking Shoes

Bring at least 2 comfortable broken-in pairs of walking shoes and extra socks!
Take good care of your feet - I average 5-7 miles of walking each DAY at WDW. Also try to bring a poncho....Florida is notorious for spontaneous rain showers and ponchos are much cheaper in your local Walmart or Target. (Try and get a color unique to your family so you can "find" each other.)

Some suggest 2 pairs because there are lots of water rides and sometimes shoes don't get dried out completely. We only brought one pair for Rose and Charlie; and didn't have any problem. Your choice. You know your kids better than anyone else.

Sandals or flip flops were a MUST for going back and forth to the pool area - for mom and dad also!

We'll talk later about what to pick up before Disney World trip. . .let's save that for another post on packing and the last-minute-trip to Wal Mart before heading South!

There's a laundry on site, so don't worry about bringing too many clothes. Easy just to run down and do a load of wash if you want. ~ Rebecca

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