Saturday, February 9, 2008

Packing Ideas

  1. Backpack
  2. Fanny Pack
  3. Bathing suits
  4. Beach towel (the cheaper the quicker it will dry)
  5. Battery operated personal fan - It has a string so that you can put it around your neck, but it is still small enough to fit in your fanny pack
  6. Beach Shoes or flip flops
  7. Cooler - a soft, collapsible one to tote sandwiches and drinks to the water parks
  8. Hats - straw, baseball,
  9. Frozen Drinks - Freezing bottled water the night before heading out keeps water cold.
  10. Laundry Detergent - Rather than paying high prices for a small box of laundry detergent, bring some from home.
  11. Night Lights - inexpensive night lights. No bumps and crashes in the night if you just stick these in the outlets. The kids will feel more secure if they know they'll be able to get to the bathroom quickly and easily.
  12. Rain Poncho
  13. Sensible shoes -- Comfy, well-broken in shoes are essential. This isn't the time to try a new pair of shoes. If you must get new shoes for your trip, be sure to break them in early.
  14. Sunscreen
  15. Sunglasses - for ALL members of your traveling tribe, and don't forget those handy-dandy straps that keep the sunglasses hanging around your neck. Much more convenient than tucking the sunglasses in a pocket or fanny pack every time you get on an attraction.

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