Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Few Comments About Shades of Green

The buffets were horrible, food was poor quality and the hot items were never hot. We ate there the 1st day and never returned again. Evergreens by the pool had wonderful lunch type foods~ sandwiches, pizza etc.served until late evening.Heard more then one guest saying that Evergreen's food was by far the best the resort offered. A Starbucks stand and breakfast area near the bus pickup both had breakfast food/beverages. Only complaint was there was a wait every day I was there, At times there would be more then a dozen people waiting in line at the Starbucks. If they were getting anything except plain coffee, it took a minimum of several minutes per customer

Oh, one last thing, they have these crazy turkeys running around the grounds and lots of ducks. Just be careful you don't slip on the droppings!
I would not recommend the sit down restaurants. The little food stand near the bus stop has cereal, breakfast croissants, coffee etc. Good enough to get you started in the morning.
We just returned from a week at the Shades of Green and we're already talking about "the next trip". The nice thing about a Disney/Orlando trip is it only takes six months to pay for it, and six more to save for "the next trip". :-)
Breakfast buffet was well worth the price. Once we arrived from the airport, we didn't see our rental car again for five days. The bus transportation worked extremely well for us.
The AAFES Exchange was well-stocked. An earlier reviewer said there was no milk, but by the time we got there, they did! White and chocolate. (note: The AFFES exchange is like a little store they have downstairs. As a guest and a civilian, you can buy anything EXCEPT alcohol. For some reason, only active military can buy that there.)
The entire staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the SOG and the local area.
If you're eligible, take advantage of SOG. If you're not, find a friend or relative who IS eligible and convince them to take you with them on their next trip.


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